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"In [the] harsh, cold and dry climate [of the Valle d'Aosta], the vine struggles to survive and Elio works like crazy to give life to extraordinary wines. He is not fully aware of how good they are."

- Slow Wine

For this small winery which has reached the 'pinnacle of regional winemaking' (Gambero Rosso) and one whose wines have won huge acclaim in Italy and abroad from the get-go, this small family winery has remarkably recent, humble roots.


It all started in 1989, when Elio Ottin purchased his first plot of land. Here, he carried out apple and grape growing, and cattle breeding. In 1999, pursuing his dream to make unabashedly territorial wines that showcase the Valle d'Aosta's uniqueness and cultural identity, he quit his full-time job to devote his life entirely to viticulture. In 2007, he bottled his very first vintage of his own wines.

Elio is now joined by his son, Nicolas, in the winery - this, in Elio's words, is his greatest success of all. 

Sunrise Ottin.jpg

Valle d'Aosta

Despite producing the smallest amounts of wine in all Italy, the region is quietly known for its distinctive, high-caliber wines made from a treasure trove of rare native/indigenous grapes, including Cornalin, Fumin and Petit Rouge.


Due to limited quantities, few of these wines make their way into export markets - and interest in these wines are growing every year. We are delighted to work with Ottin to offer some of their highly sought-after wines in Singapore.

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Proudly Valdostan wines

Elio has always believed in working sensitively in the cellar to preserve the territorial imprint of his beloved land in his wines. This results in confident, expressive Valdostan wines with excellent fruit clarity, freshness and elegance. 

Right from the start, Elio has farmed organically - 2019 was the winery's first fully organic vintage.

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It started with Pinot Noir...

Emerico Ottin was the first generation of the Ottins to produce Pinot Noir - and in doing so, offered the greatest inspiration behind the founding of the winery.


This is one of Ottin's wines that continues to capture the imagination of consumers and critics today - a complex, refined wine that lingers long in the memory.

But that is not all. Torrette, Fumin and Petite Arvine are given also masterly interpretations in Ottin's hands - wines which reward the find for those willing to venture off the beaten path! 

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