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Rizzi, Piedmont wines in Singapore, Barolo, Barbaresco and Nebbiolo in Singapore


Owned by the Dellapiana family, the Rizzi winery is widely regarded as a rising star of the Langhe whose entire range is "distinguished by territorial precision and expressiveness" (Slow Wine). The winery's story started in 1973, with the dream of a 33-year-old Ernesto Dellapiana of making wines truly representative of his beloved Piedmontese countryside, and continues today through the shared passion and dedication of his family - his wife Lia, his daughter Jole and his son Enrico.

Much has been written about Rizzi's wines in the main Italian and international wine journals but in short, these are wines for those who are most excited by terroir-driven individuality in wines; thoughtful wines which are precise, expressive, elegant, age-worthy and remain fantastic value in today’s fine wine market.


Barbaresco specialists

The winery makes its highly sought-after, single-site bottlings of Barbarescos from estate grapes from the celebrated crus of Pajorè, Nervo and Rizzi.

Only traditional methods of producing Barbaresco are used here; while Rizzi's Barbarescos are accessible young, they are also distinguished by their age-worthiness - a mark of many classic wines.


Territorial precision

The winery's philosophy has remained the same across the generations: making wines dedicated to their land, reflecting their love for the same.


Here, wines are made with a light touch, with non-intrusive cellar practices adopted to best showcase the natural profile of the grapes in all their wines; a particular highlight of their range is its four single site bottlings of its traditionally-produced Barbarescos, demonstrating the unique character of each site.



The winery works sustainably, eschewing chemical fertilisers and insecticides in favour of pallet manure, compost and green manure, and natural techniques of pest control.

The winery is part of “The Green Experience” Project, a group of Piedmontese producers which practises green viticulture and focuses on environmental sustainability, and was also one of the first wineries in Italy to harness solar energy in 2006.

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