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Villa Corniole Mountainous Italian wines in Singapore

Villa corniole

"Our wines never seek a style that is too constructed and elaborate... but try to enhance our peculiarities and diversity: our products... are in line with our alpine terroir that grows on the Dolomites, which offers freshness, elegance, important acidities and strong mineralities. Like our extreme territory, our wines also want to be extreme, but certainly representative."


- Sabina Pellegrini

Located in the Cembra Valley, Trentino. Amidst the Dolomites, the Avisio River, coniferous woods, alpine lakes and wild canyons, this is a land of wild, quiet beauty and of “heroic viticulture”, where cultivation takes place at high elevation on steep slopes.



Owned by the Pellegrini family, which draws on tradition, innovation and the raw material provided by its diverse landscape to produce some truly exciting wines.

The present and future of the winery is actively shaped by the 3 shining stars of the family - Sara, Linda and Sabina.


Territorial precision

A central focus of the work in the winery is on allowing its wines to express the land fully and honestly, reflecting its peculiarities and extreme diversity.


Cellar practices are non-intrusive and focused on showcasing the natural profile of the grapes, combining a keen eye to detail with a sensitivity to the unique characteristics of each grape type. The winery's work with, among others, the native Teroldego grape, exemplifies this approach: its "7 Pergole" is a wine that is beautifully precise and age-worthy.



Sustainable practices in the vineyards and the cellar to preserve the environment, the natural resources and the larger ecosystem for future generations. 


This includes avoiding the use of chemicals in the vineyards, and introducing the use of solar panels and various innovations to save water and energy.

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